About Us

The Dunwellz dining atmosphere is fantastic and is sure to indulge all of your senses. Here at Dunwellz we are proud to be a part of the Mint Hill community and hope that you will let us take care of you like family today!

Our story begins right here

   in Mint Hill, North Carolina….


It all started with a group of friends who really enjoyed working together at various restaurant concepts over the years, but wanted to be able to do things their own way. Back in 2011, one of them turned 40 and decided that instead of a mid-life crisis, opening a restaurant would be so much better!

What could be more fun than working with friends but with the ability to control your own future – for better or worse? So after talking it over with the family and finding the right location, they started to put together the dream team. One by one they decided to leave their current jobs and join into the new adventure. The executive chef, kitchen manager, bar manager, general manager, and director of operations (along with the husband and wife owners) had a combined 90 years of restaurant experience. But none of that would matter if what they created was not successful. So first they started with a simple idea – they wanted to have fun and be able to treat the staff and customers like family. They wanted a place that was family friendly and would become part of the fabric of the neighborhood.  A place that would highlight their love of the craft beer movement and fresh, high quality, chef driven food. To put it simply – a place that they would like to hang out!

Then they needed a name…

And they knew that just another “bar and grill” was not good enough.  So they picked a name that had multiple meanings, but that was unique – not in the dictionary or even on Google! Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House was born and the dream of working together again became a reality when they opened the doors in June of 2012.

“We all feel very fortunate that as Mint Hill has grown, we have been able to grow and change into what we consider to be the best place for family and friends in the best small town in North Carolina!”

Jimmy, Missy, Madison, and Mason